September 27, 2017

in Benefits & Health

This is the Most Expensive Drug On a Cost of Claims Basis



Trends in The Cost of Treatment

Biologic drugs continue to be the most expensive drugs on a cost of claims basis. Biologic drugs are genetically-engineered proteins derived from human genes. These drugs are designed to inhibit specific components of the immune system and are pivotal in the treatment of conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Last year, we reported that Harvoni—the Hepatitis C biologic drug—was one of the top three most costly drugs in many private plans. Because Harvoni is a cure for Hepatitis C in as little as eight to twelve weeks, we anticipated that it would not stay at the top for long.

Top Three Drugs By Cost of Claims

Indeed, Harvoni is no longer listed by any insurer in the top three drugs by cost of claims. However, Remicade and Humira continue to top the list, despite the fact that subsequent entry biologics like Inflectra are now on the market. Other drugs making an appearance on the top three drug list by cost of claims are Enbrel, Stelara, and Concerta.


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