July 14, 2017

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The Top Wellness Programs Plan Sponsors Would Consider Providing.

What Plan Members Want & What Plan Sponsors Can Provide

Accompass' recent article What Different Generations Want In Wellness Programs made a thorough investigation into what plan members of all ages really want in their wellness programs. Ideally, plan sponsors are constructing plans that are directly aligned with the needs and wants of plan members, leading to improved plan satisfaction.

As a part of our 2017 report entitled Fresh Perspectives on Group Benefits: The Latest Thinking From Plan Sponsors, Members, and Insurers, Accompass asked plan sponsors what they would be willing and able to offer their employees. Discover which wellness programs are plausible and where sponsors fall short.

What Plan Members Are Requesting

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What Plan Sponsors Are Saying

We gave plan sponsors the same wellness options, and asked them what lifestyle or wellness benefits they don’t currently offer that they would consider offering in the future. Here’s what plan sponsors would consider:

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The Top Considerations

37% Onsite Health Assessment

36% Gym or subsidized membership

29% Personal financial planning

17% Nap/ meditation/ prayer/ yoga room

14% Subsidized  healthy food/ juice bar

13% Games room

Aligning Wellness Wishes

Plan members and plan sponsors appear to agree that a games room is neither desirable or plausible. In addition to this, a gym membership is high on the wishlist and possibility list for both members and sponsors.

Greater alignment is necessary when it comes to having healthy food on site. Members see the value in having nutritious food available at the workplace, where sponsors are not as inclined to provide it.

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