November 24, 2016

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Sarah Beech continues to push for deeper dialogue on private drug plans


In the face of the rising costs of benefits costs, Accompass President Sarah Beech continues to push the narrative surrounding drug plan management, calling on private plan sponsors to closely examine the strategic reasons behind the various benefits they offer as a starting point for managing the long-term sustainability of their plans.


On October 19, Sarah participated in the opening panel discussion at the annual Canadian Hypertension Congress in Montreal, extolling the potential benefits of a properly designed national pharmacare program.

Sarah also presented at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre November 22 at the Innovative Medicine Canada Making Canada Better conference.

As reported by Benefits Canada, Sarah pointed out that while employees will typically emphasize prescription drug coverage, there are gaps between how much plans cover and what employees say is important when it comes to areas such as vision care, long- and short-term disability, health-care professionals, mental health and chiropractic.