February 06, 2018

New Accompass Executive Pay Trends Report finds one in 40 Canadian CEOs are female

Accompass has recently partnered with Equilar, the leading provider of board intelligence solutions, to publish Canadian Executive Pay Trends, an overview of the executive compensation landscape across the publicly-traded companies that make up the TSX Composite Index.

“Accompass is pleased to partner with Equilar to provide insights into the pay practices for the top positions of Canada’s most influential organizations,” said Vice President, Jonathan Foster.

The report analyzes themes such as gender diversity, age and tenure, as well as the compensation pay mix among these Canadian organizations.


One observation outlined in the report is that one in 40 CEOs are female, indicating a slow progression in gender diversity at the CEO level.

In addition, it appears that a $1 million floor is the new median compensation level for top level executive positions. “$1 million can be a significant price tag from a shareholder’s point of view,” remarked Foster.

“At these levels, organizations must continuously monitor the compensation programs in place for their executive teams, ensuring dollars are being spent efficiently and effectively.”

Download a copy of the report here.