January 21, 2019

Helping your employees combat the Blue Monday blues through wellness

Have you heard of Blue Monday? Some are classifying it as the ‘most depressing day of the year’.

Falling on January 21 this year, Blue Monday is a culmination of a few things. For instance, the dark and cold weather could be getting to you, bills from holiday spending begin to roll in and you might be starting to fail some of those New Year resolutions. 

Regardless of whether you believe in Blue Monday or not – helping your employees improve their well-being – mentally, physically or financially – can be an important part of your total rewards package and can help them prevent any ‘Blue Monday blues’.

At Accompass we recently kicked off a wellness challenge within our team. Participants must eat at least three healthy meals, drink eight glasses of water, walk 5,000 steps and read one wellness tip daily, receiving points for every completed ‘task’. It’s a friendly competition that the entire office gets into.

What holds us accountable? We share pictures of our meals and can follow along with all of our colleagues to ensure we’re all continuing to be successful.  

“Our wellness challenge is really encouraging healthier decisions in all of us in a fun and competitive way. It helps that it began the third week into January – when it started to get a little harder for me to stick to some of my New Year’s resolutions,” said Marketing and Communications Vice President, Chris Lee. “It’s given me a new motivation to keep going.”  

Our wellness challenges feed into our corporate culture and create healthy, engaging activities for our members to work on as a team.

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By incorporating engaging and motivational challenges like this one you can help your employees focus on their wellbeing and perhaps combat the Blue Monday blues but there are a number of other initiatives you can employ as well. To find out more about what you can do reach out to your Accompass consultant.