March 29, 2018

Employee Engagement: Designing for Moments that Matter with Accompass and McLean & Company

This week Accompass President Sarah Beech and Susanna Hunter from McLean & Company hosted a breakfast event, discussing employee experience and designing for those moments that matter to employees.

The morning featured insights on defining the employee experience, how it connects to employee engagement, and why organizations should care. The presentation also provided tips about how they can improve and assess employee experience in their own organizations.

Beech touched on the ways that the holistic nature of employees' experiences are driven by every part of the organization. “It encompasses every experience an employee has during their tenure at an organization, and is gauged by how well the employee’s expectations are met at those moments,” she explained.


From on-boarding, to total rewards, to the overall culture of the work environment – both presenters described how all of these aspects lead to moments that matter and can hold serious weight on an employee’s overall experience.

“And EX isn’t solely owned by HR either – so getting employee input is crucial,” added Hunter.

The morning helped to push the question – how would the employees in your organization rate their experience?

Contact Accompass for a copy of the presentation.