August 29, 2017

in Benefits & Health

Benefits that Canadians without Benefits Really Want


what do Canadians without benefits want?

Canadian employees who don't currently have benefits, have a different idea of what they want in a plan. Accompass asked Canadians with and without benefits which benefits were the most important to them in a plan. Discover the results from Accompass' report Fresh Perspectives on Group Benefits: The Latest Thinking From Plan Sponsors, Members, and Insurers, and learn more about the benefits Canadians find desirable. 

What Benefits are Most Valued?

Not every plan offers an HSA, which was a partial contributor to this low percentage. This is consistent with results of a subsequent question on what current benefit plan members valued the most. Dental and prescription drug coverage were first, with each ranked number one by 30% of respondents.

The HSA was last at 5.9%. Indeed, the HSA was also the least desired benefit for those who currently don’t have coverage. When Canadians who did not currently have benefits were asked which benefits they would value most in a benefits plan, dental, paramedical, drug, and vision care topped the list (ranging from 44% to 62% of respondents) with health spending accounts finishing last at 24%.
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