September 15, 2017

in Benefits & Health, Upcoming Events

Addressing wellness and mental health at your workplace

On September 14 Accompass hosted The Road To Chronic Wellness, a thought-provoking mental health and wellness experience for some of the country's top HR thought leaders. 

The event featured Dr. Alain Sotto, Director of Medcan Wellness Clinic, and TTC Occupational Medical Consultant. Dr. Sotto kicked off the breakfast discussion with his thoughts on the significance of screening and prevention in the workplace to curb the diabetes epidemic that is putting cost pressure on organizations. He referenced a landmark campaign that the TTC ran to screen its 12,000 employees for diabetes, including tests for A1C and HDL cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure. 

The event featured a registered nurse from The Health Team who gave attendees the opportunity to experience a similar diabetes screening to the TTC program that Dr. Sotto ran.  

Dr. Carlos Davidovich of Optimum Talent took the audience through a provocative journey of insights about how executives handle stress in the workplace. He provided insights into neuromanagement, including practical ideas for overcoming a feeling of being overwhelmed.

In the next session addressing mental health, Sarah Hilton of Stressed Out Solutions discussed the idea that all people are on the same mental health continuum, with some at more pronounced ends of the continuum than others. She talked about the need for organizations to help remove the stigma associated with mental health, and to seek small changes, and often.

The final speaker of the morning was irreverent and outspoken author Timothy Caulfield, who spoke about the need for employers in Canada to consider the external influences of popular culture on employees' ideas about wellness. Fad diets, and unfounded ideas about wellness were in Caulfield's crosshairs. He is the author of Is Gwyneth Paltrow Wrong About Everything?